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Eye of the Beholder 2 Walkthrough - The Crimson Tower, Level 1

By Daniel D'Agostino, 2011-11-19 / EOB2 Walkthrough / EOB2 Info

Area 1 (Teleporters)

The Crimson Tower is made up of a lot of small areas and is short but tricky.

After reaching the Crimson Tower and going up the stairs, you need to follow the corridor. A banner at the end of this corridor contains a Crimson Ring.

Through the door, you will find several teleporters, and a couple of spell-hurling mages. You need to go through the easternmost teleporter (which is blocking access to an alcove). This takes you to the west room, where you can pick up the sticky paper from the ground. If you accidentally put the sticky paper in a hand, Remove Curse can help you remove it.

Go back to the east room, where the teleporter you stepped into has now disappeared, and access to the alcove is available. Put a Crimson Ring in the circular carving on the wall, and go through the void that is thus created.

Area 2 (Racing Rings)

You are teleported to a corridor, where you find a Mage Scroll of Fear (useful to scatter mages), and a couple of Crimson Rings which move away from you as you approach. By putting the sticky paper on the floor near them, they get stuck and you can pick them up. Put a Crimson Ring on the wall at the end and step through the void.

Area 3 (Useful Items)

The plaque in front of you appears to be a reference to The Lord of the Rings. Follow the corridor (either way) to the east part of this area, and pick up the Mapaj coin. Illusionary walls to the west lead to:

Area 4 (Shifting Walls)

The walls in this level change with every step, making it a very strange maze that you have to get through with pretty random movement (which is not hard).

Near the northwest corner is a strange creature, that will exchange the Mapaj and Shall Rejoice coins for a different coin when you let it touch you.

At the southeast end is a force field, that you can only eliminate using the Disintegrate spell (Mage Level 6). There is nothing behind it, although I have heard that Insal is there if you let him rob and leave you after your first encounter. I cannot verify this without playing through the whole game again.

At the northeast end is a shrunken giant that gradually turns to stone as he speaks.

Finally, at the west end, is the staircase going up.

Area 5 (Illusions)

A party member warns you about illusionary walls in this area. True Seeing (Cleric Level 5, Mage Level 6) can help you see them, but is not necessary. There are two illusionary walls, and one of them is actually necesssary to get past an invisible teleporter. This will allow you to reach the stairs.

Area 6 (Mage Fortress)

Put the coin you got from the strange creature in Area 4 in one of the coin slots to open one of the doors (they are connected). There are several mages, but you have enough room to avoid their spells, so clear the area. For this you get a Ring of Protection +1 and a couple of bracers of protection which don't actually affect armour class. When you're done, go up the stairs at the north end.

Area 7 (Where Energies Focus)

In this area, there are three altars protected by green force fields (at the North, South and East ends). At the West end are two dials that can be set in any of the four compass directions. By setting both dials in the direction of one of the altars (i.e. North, South or East), the respective force field is disabled. Alternatively, you can Disintegrate (Mage Level 6) the force fields one at a time if you have a Level 12 mage.

One by one, disable the force field in front of each altar, and place a glass sphere in the holder.

Once all three glass spheres are in place, energies are focused on the central wall, destroying it. This reveals a wall with a pull chain. Pulling the ring, you will get sucked up through the hole in the ceiling to Level 2.