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Eye of the Beholder 2 Walkthrough - The Crimson Tower, Level 2

By Daniel D'Agostino, 2011-11-19 / EOB2 Walkthrough / EOB2 Info

Area Overview

Ascending from Level 1 brings you to the centre of Level 2. There is an illusionary wall in each direction, that leads to a particular part of the level (all of which are interconnected).

The northern room is home to Salamanders. The southern room is empty and makes a great place to rest. To the west is a large area inhabited by hordes of Mind Flayers. The Mind Flayers are extremely powerful; they defeat you pretty quickly by paralysing your entire party.

An optional, and interesting, sight in the Mind Flayer area is a crystal ball that brings images of the past (Eye of the Beholder 1) and also of the future (a couple of scenes show dragons, which may depict the fall of Myth Drannor, providing the setting for Eye of the Beholder 3). Since the Mind Flayers are numerous and unforgiving, pretty much the only way of reaching this crystal ball is to run through them, disintegrating the Mind Flayer that blocks one of the doorways, use the crystal ball, and subsequently get killed.

The Dying Servant

You can ignore the North, South and West areas. To the East, on the other hand, you will find a closed door between two niches. Cast Dispel Magic on each niche. This gives you an Amulet of Life and an Amulet of Death, and also opens the door.

Behind the door you find Dran's right hand man, who is mortally wounded and vapourises before your eyes, leaving the Stone Cross (though there's nothing you can do with it).

The room to the north is empty. The stairs to the east lead up to Dran's quarters.

Dran Draggore

As you go through the door, it closes behind you. You can't turn back; your only option is to defeat Dran. To the south are a couple of 2x3 rooms you can use for fighting Dran. Dran himself is to the north.

After the usual villain speech, Dran comes after you. You can either fight him at one of the 2x3 rooms to the south, or one of the 2x2 rooms beyond the altar to the north.

Dran is a tall mage that will throw spells at you. Sidestepping requires a bit more work, as at times he will move right next to you.

When you hurt him enough, Dran turns into a dragon.

As a dragon, Dran is very badass. He will throw fireballs or use his fiery breath, both of which can have your party on its knees in one or two hits. As long as you take care to avoid his attacks, you should be able to bring him down. With Dran dead, sit back and enjoy the endgame.