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Eye of the Beholder 2 Walkthrough - The Forest

By Daniel D'Agostino, 2011-09-10 / EOB2 Walkthrough / EOB2 Info


The forest is a small area inhabited by wolves. You will find a couple of arrows as well as a rusty dagger and several rocks. Apart from that, there are a few interesting sights (detailed shortly), but you ultimately want to get to the Temple Darkmoon, which is why you're here.

Although the following places are optional visits, they provide some items you will require at a later stage (i.e. rotten food and bones). While you will find more rotten food and bones later on, it is better to make sure you have them while they are easy to acquire.

The Hidden Stairway

There is a point where one of your characters will remark about strange-looking bushes. If you walk through the trees to the south, you will reach a hidden stairway, which leads to an underground store.

In this place you will find rotten food, leather armour, and a mage scroll of blur, which you can scribe into your mage's spellbook. Make sure you keep the rotten food.

The Graveyard

If you face the Temple Darkmoon and take a right turn, you will reach a small graveyard. One of your characters will protest, but you should dig the graves anyway. This will give you a supply of bones that you will need later (you need to keep at least 5).

The party's comments might cause a giggle at this stage. As shown in the screenshots, Alleria claims the "poor souls" have "found peace", just when the party has been digging up their graves. With half an inventory full of dug up bones, Durin suddenly realises that "we're in a small graveyard".

The Old Woman

At some point you might run into an old woman. You can talk to her, attack her or leave her alone. If you talk to her, she says she has not met Amber, and offers to lead you to the Temple Darkmoon. If you attack her, you find a scroll showing that she is being forced to direct travellers to Darkmoon.

The Temple Darkmoon

You can either find Darkmoon yourself or be taken there by the old woman. You should go there once you have finished exploring the forest, as you will not be able to leave after your first battle there.