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Eye of the Beholder 2 Walkthrough - The Priests' Quarters

By Daniel D'Agostino, 2011-09-21 / EOB2 Walkthrough / EOB2 Info


After using the portal in the nightmare level, you end up in a room in the main temple. You will soon realise that this is the Priests' Quarters, and is the same level where you found the angry priest at the beginning of the game, just upstairs from the main temple entrance.

This level is also a crossroad of sorts - it will allow you to access the Azure and Crimson towers later in the game.

As you begin the level, kill the priest you find before you. There is an Improved Identify scroll and a copper key in a niche on one of the walls, and on another wall is a button that opens the door. Here you have the opportunity to rest, identify your items, and drop some stuff you're carrying to make room for more useful items. Be wary, however, that there are a number of particular items that you will need for the Silver Tower.

Finding Amber

There are many small rooms in this level, and sections are separated by copper-locked doors. At this point you will have or get all the necessary copper keys to open up the level completely.

In a room nearby are two cleric scrolls of create food. At one point you will overhear a conversation, and the priests in the room will open the door and come out to attack you.

This lock can't be opened yet. The door next to it gives access to the Crimson Tower, and you need to get the Crimson Key in order to open it.

This kind of lock, on the other hand, has no corresponding key, and you can pick it if you have a thief in the party and some lock picks. After picking one such lock you will find a complete set of elf bones, magic dust, and a parchment. The parchment reveals that the bones are the remains of Amber, the scout that Khelben had sent before you to infiltrate the temple. Despite her positive attitude, her demise shows that she had been discovered.

Behind a similarly locked but pickable door you will find two more bags of magic dust in a niche.

The Trap Area

Directly opposite this last door, attack the statue to reveal a secret button, which opens up a passage to three teleporters. The left and middle teleporter lead to different parts of the level, while the one on the right (i.e. west) leads to a very particular area.

Through the right teleporter, you end up in a room with a sunken pressure plate a the centre and a niche on each wall. Three of the niches contain different coloured gems, while the fourth contains a copper key. You have to pick up all three gems and place them in a niche of your choice to reveal a passage in that direction. You can only do this once, and each passage is different. The tropelet seed you find in each case will allow you to return to the Priests' Quarters when planted at the pressure plate (except for the east passage, from which there is no return). Interestingly enough, a quick search for "tropelet seed" reveals that "Tropelet" is actually "Teleport" backwards.

The east passage is a trap that will give you a lot of luxury items (the tropelet seed, a cleric scroll of raise dead, +2 two handed sword, +3 gold plate mail, a ring of adornment, a skull, a femur, and a parchment. When you reach these items, the wall will close behind you, and there is no way out. If you save your game here, you're screwed.

The west passage contains four niches with 2 iron rations each. It also gives you a 2-handed sword and the tropelet seed.

The south passage, described as "Emergency Supplies", contains 2 niches. The first contains a wand of magic missile (your first wand), a mage scroll of lightning bolt, and the tropelet seed. The second niche contains potions: 2 of extra healing, 1 of healing, and 1 of vitality.

Finally, the north passage (through the niche that contained the copper key) is a poor choice. Darts are shot at you from the wall as you approach, and a band of priests armed even with fireball will attack you. All you get here is the darts that injured you, and the tropelet seed.

When you're done (and hopefully you chose the south passage), put the tropelet seed on the sunken pressure plate to go back to the Priests' Quarters. The teleporter to the area you just visited is no longer there.

The Mark of Darkmoon

Continuing to explore the level, you will reach a door guarded by a mouth that says you need the "Mark of Darkmoon". This is where you access the Azure Tower, and you only get the mark once you've finished the Silver Tower.

In the next rooms, you get:

Finally, you reach the stairs back down to the main entrance. This is a good opportunity to raise Amber or San-Raal (or both) if you want them in your party, since only the big Ankh across the corridor from the main temple entrance can bring them back from their elf bones.

San-Raal is particularly useful because of his advanced spells, but at 28 hit points, he is very frail, and it is very easy to get him killed in the first level of the Silver Tower. So far I have always let him join, but this time I'm going to stick to Calandra and Shorn as my extra party members to have a tough party.

Back to Nightmares

Once you've explored this level completely, you can go back to the margoyle level (by using the portal) and finish the level to obtain the fourth horn and be able to access the Silver Tower.