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Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne - Expansion Orc Chapter Three: A Blaze of Glory

By Daniel D'Agostino, 2011-03-12


After Rexxar led the assault that drove Admiral Proudmoore's forces from the mainland of Durotar, Thrall's forces pressed the attack towards Theramore Isle itself. However, a blockade of battleships prevents them from reaching Theramore.

Jaina meets the heroes, saying she had nothing to do with her father's plans. Thrall makes it clear that her father's death is the only way to end the war, and she agrees, but pleads to Thrall to spare her men.

Sea Battle

Go southeast, fighting through the human defences. The glyph of omniscience in the barrels in the northeast part of the island reveals the entire map. Kill all the humans and destroy their buildings to secure the Goblin Shipyard.

Now you get to use Orc juggernauts and frigates and you have to destroy six human battleships. This is the only sea battle in the entire game. You also have a transport ship, so landing your heroes across the sea will allow you to use their abilities and save ships. The ships are expendable, and are automatically replaced.

Final Assault

This is the last battle. Thrall controls three bases, which automatically train units that engage the human forces. The humans control most of the map. At first you will need to weaken their outer defences and occasionally fall back to support Thrall's defences.

At the beginning, Proudmoore's forces will be more numerous, so give Thrall a hand to prevent his forces from being overwhelmed. Once you take down the outer towers, Thrall's forces will be more able to help you press inwards.

You are not allowed to destroy the blue buildings. Once you have destroyed the outer towers, head for the green production buildings to weaken Proudmoore's forces.

With that done, you can finally strike at the Admiral himself. His Elite Guard are serious killers, so you should take down both them and the surrounding towers before trying to kill him. You will also have to kill the heroes at his side to have a chance against him. Be sure to stun him (hex or storm bolt) when he calls lightning on you.


With Admiral Proudmoore dead, the humans are forced to stand down. Jaina kneels over the body of her father, wishing he hadn't been so stubborn. Thrall leaves the humans in peace, knowing that they pose no further threat.

Thrall asks Rexxar whether he would like to return to Durotar and settle there, but Rexxar chooses to return to his nomadic life.