Swords and Software

Web Development

HTML Crash Course

This presentation (2nd June 2007, revised 19th June 2007) teaches all the important things to know about HTML, from the very basics to XHTML 1.1. It purposely starts by teaching bad practices and then explains why they are bad. You cannot learn good coding before you know how to code, and you cannot code right before you know what is right and what is wrong. Apart from explaining important tags and attributes, this tutorial also gives advice for good and thoughtful coding, and goes into the history of HTML.

CSS Crash Course

This tutorial (19th October 2008) is divided into two parts. The first part teaches the syntax and other basics required to use CSS. The second part covers several useful practical techniques with CSS.

ASP Very Basics

Dino's ASP page is a little page I wrote back when I was trying to learn ASP on Brinkster, around 2003. It is very introductory.

Thoughtful Design

First Impressions of your Website [3rd January 2004] - the visitor's impression about the site and the webmaster is a key factor that decides whether the visitor will have a good look at the site or leave after seeing one page. This article lists the main things to avoid in order to give visitors a good impression of yourself.

Bad Web Design to learn Good Web Design